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About Us

APPEL is a registered NGO since 2006, which aims to create a pathway for the vulnerable women, children, and male homeless to find a way back in the society and to improve their lifestyle.


Our Programs: People We Serve


ARCH: Male Homeless

Day Care Programme for Male Homeless launched in 2015

  • Meal, Shower, & Cleaned Clothes
  • Creative Class, Sports, & Field Trips
  • Sharing Time
  • Psycho-Support

Residential Rehabilitation Programme for Male Homeless

Safe: Vulnerable Women

Empowerment Program Established in 2013

  • Set up Drop-In Centre
  • Adult Numeracy
  • I.T. Classes
  • Remedial Classes

Djiboute lor to prop lipié launched in 2015

  • Entrepreneurial Workshop
  • Psycho-Support
  • Service Facilitator

Hair Dressing Class launched in 2018

  • In Kind Donations

Heal the Roots: Awareness

Awareness Initiatives of Our Values

  • Project will be implemented soon

Remember Me: Children & Homeless Women

Promoting Education for Kids

  • Integrated Learning
  • Field Activities
  • Character Building

Assist Homeless Women

  • Coming Soon

No Pain No Gain: Training Staff and Sustainability

Training for Staff

  • Training Centre: Capacity Building
  • Training for staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries

Self-Sustainability Activities: "Djiboute lor nou prop lipié"

  • Manufacture food items as part of fundraising
  • Sale of craft items

Operation Quilt: Drug and Alcohol Addicts

Promoting Rehabilitation of Drug & Alcohol Addicts since 2006

  • Facilitated 36 patients for Austrailian Treatment in Perth, Australia
  • Other Projects Coming Soon

    Our Impact

    Throughout its years of activity, APPEL has reached out a helping hand to those in need and provided assistance wherever required and possible.

    Lives have been changed through our programs. 'Click' the button below to know more about our impact.


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